What to do when the wind is blowing gusts and the flowers are dancing? Go with it!! The owl’s clover, poppies, goldfields, and grasses galore were being buffeted by winds in Antelope Valley on Monday, March 27th, so there was no hope of capturing and close-ups, and even the landscape with a strong foreground up close was not going to happen. When this occurs, you are required to throw out all the plan A’s, B’s, etc., you had and come up with a new idea.

Thankfully, I had one. I loved the dance of the flowers as I watched them move in the wind – as if choreographed to music. To recreate that, I used a favorite technique of mine, intentional camera motion (ICM), and so I set my shutter to 1/10 sec, and panned vertically, letting the wind move things side to side as I went up with the camera. If I moved too fast, the wind effect wasn’t there, so it took a lot of attempts to get a few that I loved, but as the saying goes, ‘you only need one’ and I have more than one that I like. The main post image is a favorite, but I like the different effect in the one below, too. 

It’s a great day when you have enough good ones that you have to pick and choose!



Thanks for visiting and happy Spring!