Howdy Folks,

Don’t miss this incredible learning opportunity and the fun of attending a workshop with me and MISA (Madeline Island School of Arts) during their Southwest program in Tuscon. The Tanque Verde Ranch is a special place; Conde Nast Traveler just rated it # 8 in the top Ten resorts in the USA.

It’s a classic ranch, where you can ride horses, enjoy pit BBQs, campfire breakfasts, relax in their spa, or by the pool, hike or ride bikes in the desert and next door Saguaro National Park, and more! Of course, when you’re taking a photography class, there will no relaxing by the pool during the day, ha ha, but an evening dip is sure wonderful, speaking from experience! The atmosphere of the ranch is relaxed and grounds are dotted with remnants of the old west – which sometimes feels like it’s not that far in the past here.

Using the lodge as our base, we’re well situated for outdoor photography workshops in the heart of stunning southwest beauty, the Sonoran Desert. The Saguaro cactus are all over the ranch, and in the nearby eastern section of Saguaro National Park. Spring is a very special time in the Sonoran desert, when the landscape ‘greens up’ and, if rains are good, desert wildflowers can pop up from the desert floor. In my class scheduled for next March, we make sunrise and sunset visits to both the eastern and western sections of the park. We’ll also visit the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, and we’ll use the ranch grounds along with  the Barrio district of Tuscon and other locations that are ideal for working with color and design concepts. From grand landscapes to the intimate, and including close-up details, there is tremendous subject matter to work with in refining your vision and your skills.

When Winter snow and/or rains are still upon you, it’s time to head south like the birds do for some sun, fun, and a great learning experience!

See ya there, pardner!





An addendum: a few pics from the area…to whet your appetite!!

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