Finally, we had some days without rain – but seriously, some of the most beautiful images we made on this tour were during the rain and during the breaks in between when clouds rose up the hillsides and added mood to the autumn day. It challenged us to work out a system of holding umbrellas while composing and setting our exposures, and watching our front elements for water drops that can ruin a photo in a heartbeat unless you catch it and clean and shoot again so you have a way to replace that section in your photograph. (a lot of work!) And, it made us more mindful of what we chose to photograph, because it took more time to get set up and get the photograph in those conditions – all good challenges!

Our last morning we headed out in the cold, dark fog to a place that offered a view of the countryside, the Julian alps, and a hillside church, and while the church didn’t pop out of the fog until after sunrise, it was still a very beautiful morning scene when it did emerge. I have many more photographs to sort through but I just wanted to share this one as it sums up the beauty of the country’s quintessential landscapes and it was a fitting ‘end’ to this year’s tour. Really looking forward to being there next year.

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