Stretching before me like a million jewels sparkling, the milky way rose behind Skyline arch. I made various compositions of the arch with the milky way above it, and then decided to try my first ever panorama of the night sky. I made two series of 9 exposures before I realized I had better get started on my series of 4-minute exposures to stack later on, or I’d run out of dark skies. I was having so much fun, all by myself at 2-5:30 AM!! Gone were the crowds of tourists, filled parking lots, chatter along trails, the smell of suntan lotions and cologne. It was just me and the night, sharing a moment together, amidst the sagebrush and prickly pear (note to self, watch out for those deadly spines when walking at night!)  I just needed more time!! The night goes by quickly when your at ‘work’. Hopefully tonight will be good, but clouds are predicted…

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