I’m sitting amongst sagebrush and sand, the land illuminated only by starlight. The soft wind rustles the sage and the piñons around me, and the pungent sweet smell of spring flowers greets my nose. I had set my camera for a series of exposures, and was waiting out the 1 1/2 hours, sitting in a camp chair, absorbing the night sky, and letting my mind wander freely to any thoughts it had: “how amazing the recent news that 3 new ‘worlds’ were found in space… are there owls watching me now…or ringtail cats…what will the title of my new book on outdoor photography be…was that deer munching grass that I just I heard in the dark? Suddenly, my darkened world was brightened by a meteorite streaking across the sky…but thankfully not in the direction I was photographing. My mind turned back to thoughts of meteorite showers, of just how small our planet is in the vastness of the galaxy and the worlds beyond…how lucky I am to have had parents who exposed me to the wonders of the natural world and taught me to be in awe of things that I cannot understand…and to be at peace in nature, alone, and not afraid…


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