Did you know that billions of seeds lie in wait (for years) in the desert for enough rain to germinate and grow? And of those billions, not all will get that chance. Wind, bird/animal droppings all play a part in where seeds come to rest, and if they are lucky it’s a place where there will be enough water to allow them to burst into life.

I come from a background of storytelling with my photography, having worked for magazines. So I’m naturally drawn to stories that show up in my nature work. As I was coming back from an early landscape photo session, I spotted this group of phacelia blooming in a depression alongside the road. I had driven the road twice at this point, but missed this one because it was in full sun, until this morning. To me, it expresses the story of life in the desert – how rainwater collects, and there those seeds will germinate and grow, pushing up through the cracks of the now-drying puddle. But there was enough water to let those plants grow, and that to me expresses how persistent life is! Not to mention patient.

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