almost hate to post things like this when so many of you reading this are buried beneath snow drifts – but the promise of Spring is something you can hopefully hang on to to get through the cold weeks ahead!

After our wonderful rains in Dec/January, the forests are once again coming alive with the greening of mosses and ferns. I made a trip up to nearby Sugarloaf State Park with a friend and we spent a few hours photographing along a trail that was only a 1 mile long round trip, and we never even went the whole distance because of photo opportunities right at the beginning. I love it when nature’s abundance stops you in your tracks. This was one of my faves from the photo outing. It really did stop us in our tracks when the sun hit it, and then as we were setting up, the sun disappeared behind a cloud, but soon it reappeared, softly backlighting the scene. I bracketed and processed this using HDR software, because even in the softer sunlight, the contrast was pretty extreme on the highlighted area vs the shaded side of trees and rocks.

What I liked about this scene is that it is the ‘organized chaos’ of the forest, which can be messy, unified by the carpet of moss.

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