Here’s another scene from my last day along the shores of Lake Superior in October. It’s ironic how in the last few days things began to finally come together in terms of cooperative weather conditions, light and color. For the first few days of this journey, I was feeling frustrated with the blustery winds that kept me from creating some of the larger landscapes I had envisioned. I was still having a great time hiking around and seeing new places, even without making great pictures. The very act of being out in nature was uplifting, and invigorating! And all during that time, my eyes were opening up to see so many beautiful things around me. And some of them I could photograph without concern for the wind. So I kept exploring, kept seeing. And little by little, I made a series of images that to me were capturing some of the essence of the area.

On the last full day I was in the Keewenaw region, I was going along the shore southwest of the Portage Canal, and followed a sign to agate beach – hoping I could finally find an agate or two as a treasure. But instead, I was given the treasure of wonderful, dramatic light and beautiful waves. I’ve always believed that we receive our ‘gifts’ by showing up, and being flexible, trusting that the beauty is there. On this last afternoon, this was my gift.

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