I’ve posted similar bear pictures on Facebook, but that led me to consider this post for today. Almost everyone we encountered in the field photographing bears at my recent bear photo tour was using their tripod at standing height. While that meant their tripods varied according to how tall or short they were, there were still well above the bear’s eye. I have always felt that a lower angle makes for a more powerful image, so I was encouraging my group to get lower. It is an unfortunate factor that as we get older it’s harder to get down and back up again for many, but still, if you can find a way to get down on your knees, it can be worth it!  The above picture was made with my camera about 2 1/2 feet above the ground. (And yes, I actually had to have help getting up, with a left leg issue that hasn’t yet been resolved). It was worth it; it gave me the view that the other cub would have of its sibling getting a prized clam. I loved how it’s snout was wrinkled up as it tried to pull the clam from the shell. You get that it’s using its teeth to grip that little slippery clam!

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P.S. I’ll be going back in summer 2017 with another group. Yes, it’s a ways off, but a book contract and a filled schedule are preventing me from getting time next year. Contact me to get on the list to be notified about it.  I’ll be taking only 7-8 clients and the trip fills quickly.