I love it when the muse ‘strikes’ while I’m editing my pictures! I finally imported my latest iPhone pics – from January forward, and found this fun picture. I had originally used Hipstamatic>Jane Lens>Dream Canvas ‘film’, and liked the results, but as often is the case, I like to mess around a bit more to make the look my own. So from Photoshop, I made two layers of the original file, and opened Topaz Simplify, a great plug-in by my friends there. I used a watercolor preset, then made a few tweaks to that, and saved it. I then blended that layer with the original, but then put another original layer in the mix, with a different blending style, and got what I wanted. The Dream Canvas film in Hipstamatic was always a bit heavy on the canvas texture, so this softened that a bit and blended the photo to make it a photorealistic watercolor.

Is there such a term? No matter, it’s all about making art, and having fun, so I thought I’d share this with you today. The iPhone doesn’t get as much use in my bag as it probably should these days; it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of your ‘go to camera’ and then forget to use other tools available to you – yes, even Pro’s do that, but I love the freedom of play that the iPhone encourages!

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!