Spent an afternoon walking around through center city in Philadelphia, amidst raindrops and blustery winds. I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired today, and the white skies above the buildings weren’t adding to my mood. But with the rain, a lot of wonderful colors appeared in rain jackets and umbrellas, and that got me inspired to play with creating abstract city scenes. I love that with digital we can see our results immediately and adjust until we get the effect we want! Of course, each photo is a one-of-a-kind, so if you don’t get it ‘right’ on the first try, you have to find another situation as the people just keep moving on by, but it’s a lot of fun to keep working the idea.

I walked over towards city hall next, and found three Asian girls doing selfies and group portraits around the waterworks display in the courtyard.  I felt there was a photograph there, but they were all bunched together for some time. I gave up, and walked around looking for other photo opps, and suddenly the fountain shot up higher. That got the girls excited and they began to make more pictures, and I decided to try one more time. That’s when the one girl walked into the path and spread out her wrap.

Tharp_Girl in Fountain_DSF0973


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