I’ve been editing my library of images and came across this beautiful scene of a family of Orcas. It was the end of the day and the water was quite, providing great reflections. It was such a peaceful experience to watch them! Serene, really. It was quiet, as cut our engine, and drifted and the only noise we heard was their breath. We must have spent 45 minutes photographing this family unit, before it became too dark. Hearing them blow, watching them push a pressure wake just as they were about to surface, was magical. The hard thing was picking the best pictures of the whole series – there were so many good moments! I’m looking forward to being in southeast Alaska and in Glacier Bay again July 13-19. It promises to be another wonder-filled trip. There are still 3 spaces left, if you would like to join us please visit Dolphin Charters site and contact them directly for details.

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