We need it, we look for it, and we’re delighted when we get it! Travel and documentary photographers are always seeking the moment when things come together – be it light, gesture, or juxtaposition. As I was walking in Camagüey, Cuba last February, I spotted this interesting statue by a Cuban artist, but what really caught my eye was the woman walking up to the phone in the background. I waited for some gesture from her to bring out the moment, but it was the juxtaposition that really grabbed me. Did the artist place the sculpture in this square with that phone booth in mind? I may never know, but it was a perfect opportunity for me to make this picture.

I love photographing in Cuba. There’s a raw beauty to the place, with it’s faded elegance and decay, the rugged landscape holds it’s own natural beauty, and the people are resilient, Cuban-proud and beautiful. I’ll be running another people-to-people photography tour October 24-November 2, 2015, in partnership with Strabo Tours.  If you haven’t been, it really is time. Cuba is changing, slowly but surely. And who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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