I’ve done a lot of traveling this year – Cuba for a month, Morocco, Alaska, Namibia, and a bunch of places within the USA – but I am so excited to be returning to Cuba this January with 12 intrepid travelers! Well, actually 11, as of this post we had a cancellation so there is space for one more! (It could be you!) It’s an amazing, colorful place. This picture expresses the entrepeneur spirit the people have – they set up shop with whatever they can manage – bicycle cards assembled from various other ‘vehicles’ that move. The wall behind embodies the culture and the art of Cuba, expressed at every corner, on every face, in every soul.

It represents why I keep going back – for the scenes, yes, but also for the vibrant energy of the people and the scenes of live being lived on the streets and in the homes of genuine Cubans.

Join me and Jed Manwaring this January 4-13 and picture yourself here! We’ll work with you to make your best pictures, and share our favorite ‘haunts’ of the cities. Check out Strabo Tours’ page for information and call them to register.

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting!