After arriving home with 9000 images to sort through, I ran out of hard drive space to put them and things just snowballed from there, slowing down the whole process. I’m back up and running – but who said technology would make it all easier! HA! lol.

Namibia was over-the-top exciting, maybe because it was my first time in Wild Africa (you can’t count Morocco although it is exotic, too). Or maybe because Namibia is so unique with the variety of landscapes you experience, the wildlife you see, and the cultural experiences. No matter why, it was a great trip and we are going back in 2015 so watch for our final details on my site, but you may want to get on the list with Strabo Tours.



This image is from our first morning along the main road through the dunes at Sossusvlei National Park. The light was soft at first, but gained strength as the sun rose. There were so many interesting compositions to consider! We had a blast.


I’ll be posting more images from our trip here and on my Facebook Albums, as soon as I get through the editing process!


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