Singh-Ray has just launched a new website replete with photo examples, galleries and tips on how to use their amazing filters. For a limited time, you can save %10 on any filter purchase, or  buy a package – suggested by various pro photographers, and save 15%. I can certainly recommend these filters. I use their Circular Polarizer, Vari-N-Duo, the Mor-Slo filters, and more to enhance my images.

When recently in Ireland leading my photo tour, I used the circular polarizer a lot to bring out the rich hues of green, the blues in the water and the sky – when we saw blue sky!



It’s the same url for the site  – – but it’s a new, easier site to navigate and has a ton of information about how and when to use the filters. I think you will find this new site more useful. I use Singh-Ray filters because they are top-drawer when it comes to tested quality. They simply rock!