I took off to Morocco May 1st with my Fujifilm XT-1 and XE-2 bodies, a 14mm, 23mm, 18-55mm and 55-200mm lens. I’d been to Morocco four times at this point, and was determined to look at it differently, to see if I could find more unique images. When leading a photo tour, my focus – no pun intended – is on the clients, and not on my own pictures, but because we did a lot of street photography, candid moments, there was some time for me to create images, too. I had a great time with my new Fuji mirrorless system. It was lightweight, easy to use – heck, in no time I was changing lenses on the fly. It was a thrill to use this camera system.

This one is from inside my room in Fes. I had stayed in this same room before, but was apparently too busy (or too mentally preoccupied) to notice all the fun scenes within each colorful window-pane! It goes along with my ‘Extraordinary Everyday Seeing’ approach to photography. There are truly pictures everywhere if you stay open to seeing them.




Enjoy, and comments are always welcome!