I just finished up my photo tour in Ireland with a great group of people, and we were guided by well-known Irish photographer Peter Cox. It was, as the Irish say, a “grand time.” Peter loves, and is well regarded, for his wide view grand landscapes. My group enjoyed those, too, but also many other things!  It was a group with a variety of interests, from the intimate details of boat harbors, to architecture, to faces, pub life, doors and windows, you name it – nothing was left out in our mix each day. Thank you Peter, for sharing so many wonderful locations of your home area! And thank you to our international group of photographers and friends for participating in this adventure.

A collection of my favorites will be coming to the blog soon. Meanwhile, here’s one that was a special moment of morning and storm light from Dingle Peninsula. I loved these rock boulders, how they scattered down the hillside, so I used them as a foreground to lead the eye down to the water and the clouds/cliffs beyond. I also liked how the light and color temperature of it changed from right to left in this scene.



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