I spent a month in Cuba this year – mid-January to mid-February – and I came back with so many images. I knew I’d have a huge task ahead of me to import/organize, and edit/process. What I hadn’t planned on was a notice from my web server that my site was having ‘major issues’! Threatening to suspend my site, I had no choice but to dive in immediately to resolve the problem – whatever it was! I fell down the rabbit hole of code and wordpress, and many days later, emerged with it resolved! Sadly, I lost several blog posts from early January (still trying to get those back).

But I’m back up and running now, and I’m starting the new year again, albeit a little late! HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

Because I was a leader on these photo tours, my mind was pre-occupied with helping others, along with staying on top of the logistics, and I was not always in a mental place to do my best work, although I did photograph. And, to challenge myself, I took only my new Fuji X-E2 system, in order to force myself to really learn it. If I’d had my trusty Canon system with me, I know I would have fallen back on the familiar.

I’m very happy with a bunch of images that I did create, and will be sharing them with you over the next two weeks. The group created some terrific photographs and we had a great time.



Update (Created with Fuji X-E2, and the Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS lens)

Cuba is all about COLOR – yes, there are definitely black and white photographs to be made there, and you’ll see a few from me on posts, but Cubans use color so much on their buildings, and they wear incredibly colorful clothing, and even their bicycles seem to coordinate with the walls! Seriously, it is full of color contrast, color juxtaposition, color harmony, and I love it. I am naturally drawn to color and graphic design, it’s a ‘theme’ that runs through much of my travel photography.

This man was standing at his open door, watching people walk by, and he was a great photo opportunity! Many of us first photographed him candidly, and then afterwards we decided to have him ‘pose’ and look straight at people. He started to take off his towel to get ready – and we all shouted “NO” simultaneously – which sort of shocked him – but we loved the towel! 

Thanks for visiting, folks!