My friend Wendy just returned from her ‘nth’ trip (I can’t recall how many she’s done now) from Namibia and this was a photo she shared with me that is straight out the camera! She was barely home and wanted to tease me with photographs of her trip. Well, it worked! This image is a favorite of mine – the soft hues are just stunning and the image is unique to those we’ve mostly seen from here – because of an unusual misty day they had. Lucky you, Wendy!! It’s a winner.

Now, I don’t want to rush the rest of 2013 or hurry through the first half of 2014 as I have many exciting things I’ll be doing, but I simply can’t wait¬†to go to NAMIBIA and I really look forward to helping those that join us in making fantastic images. The destination holds amazing photographic opportunities, and we’ll see to it that you get the shot you want. We’ll be exploring this area, along with all the best highlights of the country to capture the magic that is there.

Strabo Tours is taking deposits for this trip and a few spaces are tentatively spoken for at this point.