The eastern edge of Madeline Island, Wisconsin, has a wonderful shoreline of rugged rocks and cliffs. After my class at MISA was finished last Fall, I was determined to get more sunrises along those cliffs and I dutifully got up every day for three days, but the weather had turned and it was not meant to be. That’s when you have to ‘reframe’ your thinking – and look for what does work in the light you have. The diffused light was still striking the cliffs, and there was some warmth in that early light. But the water was receiving the blue light of the cloudy day from above, and the cool/warm contrast struck me as really beautiful. I put the camera on my tripod, set my aperture to f16, and made a 13 second exposure to let the waves surge up and around the rocks. The water was so clear that you could see rocks below the surface, which added some dimension to the image. Having that one rock stand apart surrounded by water made the image, for me.


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