Photograph © Wendy Kaveney


NAMIBIA, Kolmanskop. The town of Kolmanskop will be incredible to photograph. I first saw images of it when Freeman Patterson returned from doing a trip and subsequent workshops there many years ago. Since then, there have been many others, and I have dreamed of exploring this town, so I’m very excited about doing this tour next year because we will spend a very full day wandering in and out of the doorways, looking through windows, etc., as we photograph the remains of this village that is being consumed by sand.

Just think about it for a minute – Man comes, Man builds, Man lives – and then when things change dramatically enough, i.e, fail, or something  goes wrong, Man walks away. Hence all the ruins in our world! This town is one of those places. Diamond mining stopped after 50 years – and the town was abandoned. When Man stops beating back nature, or gives up and goes away, nature takes its normal course, and prevails. I know that when I walk around and photograph here, it will be with those thoughts in my mind – and a goal to capture the essence of abandonment – the elegant, yet faded beauty, the impermanence of Man’s structures.

Join me and Wendy Kaveney next August for a wonder-filled photography adventure throughout this country. This place is just one of MANY locations in Namibia that are attractive to the outdoor photographer! View the tour page on my site and on Strabo Tours’ site for more info.

And, check out the galleries on Wendy’s website

Dates of the tour are August 18-September 6, 2014.