A Bagan Woman smokes a cheroot

Great photo from our guide, Win Kyaw Zan! But then I’m not surprised, since Win is also a professional photographer as well as a photo tour guide. I’m delighted that on October 18th, I am heading to Burma (also known as Myanmar) to lead a group of adventure photographers on a visual journey that will fill our memory cards and our hearts with experiences and memories that will last a long time.

Burma is changing, as many tour operators have mentioned when I viewed their website pages on Burma. The news alone is showing an increase in western influences, for example now, in just a short 8 months, ATM’s are readily available in the bigger cities. Hotel rooms are filling up way in advance, as Burma is officially on the travelers’ map and list of places to go. Why? Because it’s still traditional and while change is occurring, it’s not happening so fast that you can’t find the heart and soul of traditional Burma. The main, obvious changes are in the bigger cities as with all cultures, and here, like so many other places, the people outside the big cities still live as they did five years ago pretty much. Traditions hold fast with strong ethnicity;  monks walk into village to collect alms and breakfast offerings; people wash clothes in the rivers and vats outside their houses; oxcarts and other non-motorized transportation is still the ‘norm’. And the people are friendly, curious and eager to chat with visitors. They are opening like a flower to the outside world, and I’m thrilled to be going at a time when they are still eager to meet and be photographed, a time when we can experience the magic of this little country. No matter what the issues are politically, the people are happy to see us and eager to interact! We will be looking to capture the spirit of place in this country and its people.

Two spaces are currently available, after a recent cancellation. It’s not too late to sign up – email me to discuss.