While looking for something else, I came across this funny image today (isn’t that always the way it works – you can’t find what you want but you find other things…?) I made it back in 2006 – yes, 7 years ago! But the humor hasn’t faded, the camera was a solid Canon EOS 1DS Mark II. He was one of our ‘models’ – we had paid for his time to do various things with his camel for us – walking, riding, grooming, etc., and when we had run out of ideas, we all took a break. While looking around for fresh perspectives, I spotted him squatting in traditional male position, using his cell phone! I loved how the camel was looking on, as if waiting their turn for a chance to talk to the person on the other end. Or in reality, just waiting for more alfalfa! “Let’s get on with it, dude, I’m hungry!” I was glad he had stayed in position to keep the pyramids in the background, and we were lucky with sky that day, too.


I’ve had trouble posting images into my blog the past ten days, and little time to resolve what was going on until today. Finally have things worked out and can post again!