Often when you travel, you find yourself arriving at places at either the wrong time of day or the weather simply wasn’t what you hoped it might be. This Che Guevera monument was just that; right place, wrong weather conditions, but it was a good place for everyone to stretch their legs and use the restrooms and so we all dumped out of the bus with camera/one lens in hand. The monument has a lot of bas relief details on the walls, and I photographed pieces of those. I wandered around, and looked at just the statue against the sky, but the sky was ‘blah’ in color. The whole thing in color wasn’t doing much for me, but I knew there were pictures there, so I kept looking.  When we were called back to the bus, that’s when I noticed the sidewalk. It was a cool pattern of geometrical shapes created by the lines. I took a look back over my shoulder and saw that it created a graphic foreground to the monument. Now it was starting to get interesting! Trouble was, we were about to leave and it had started to rain! I had to work the scene quickly, and made about four different compositions., I liked this one the most for the way the lines came in from bottom left and right corners, then met and created a straight visual path to the base of the monument, even with the breaks of the steps in there. It proves the point of the power of lines in an image. I knew I had something more interesting to work with now, and knew it would be in black and white.