COLOR always grabs our attention, typically, if we are color photographers. But beyond the seduction of color, I still look for form, shape and structure, and some expression or gesture if I can find it. This tree had it all. The way the lower branches flowed out in both directions was wonderful, and the density of leaves created an unusual shape to that area. That provided the base for the picture, and the branches that reached upward added structure and a contrast of textures to the scene. All I had to do was wait Рpatiently Рfor the wind to settle Рwhich on this morning, it did, thankfully. Brockway Mountain Drive in the Keewenaw Peninsula was a favorite of ours on the trip, yielding several good photographs for us all.

I was pleased that the area had such good color while we were there, considering the whole region was in a deep drought all summer long. I have Craig Blacklock to thank for yelling ‘stop’. I was driving for the trip, and though I had seen the tree a few days earlier in really windy conditions, that morning I almost drove past it as I was looking at the road ahead.

I made this with Canon 5D MKII and a 24mm TS-E tilt shift lens. It was processed in Lightroom 4.

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