“A BIRD IN THE HAND IS WORTH TWO IN THE BUSH” ——— Or is it the other way around, in photography?!!

We were wandering towards the Keewenaw Peninsula and stopped when we saw this great berry patch – It made me think of Robert Glenn Ketchum’s work with forests, “Order from Chaos”, and further of the work of Eliot Porter, whom Ketchum may have also been influenced by. It’s not easy to create images of the ‘messiness’ of nature – such as this boggy area with bushes and bare trees. But the two silvery saplings on either side of the bushes seemed to contain the scene, so I was working on this composition – when suddenly two robins landed in the bush to eat ‘my’ berries! While they weren’t large, they added the perfect touch to the composition. I was set for a pretty slow shutter (1/50) due to the small aperture I had (f16), and just hoped the birds would hold still as they were flitting about a lot. I managed just one image that had sharp birds, but one is enough in my book!