We are into port at Campbell River with wifi acces. We’re partway through our photo tour along Vancouver Island. Yesterday we had an amazing 1 hour visit from a pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins, who rode the bow-wake and played in the wake surf for about an hour!! It was wonderful. We had smooth water for some time, then the surface went a bit choppy, then back to being smoother. We all had the opportunity to capture the playfulness of the dolphins and to try our hand at getting them swimming under water, too. What an amazing ride! I used everything from a 17-40mm to a 100-400mm.


Three more days of the trip; it’s hard to think about it being over so soon. We haven’t had a drop of rain or many clouds for that matter; not good for the salmon trying to get upstream, though wonderful for cruisin’.

Off to breakfast now, thanks for visiting!