I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be leading a photography tour to Myanmar (formerly Burma) in the Fall of 2013! This promises to be a wonder-filled journey as we experience the place, the people, the traditions, with our hearts and through our lenses.



 © Win Kyaw Zan

Myanmar is changing fast now that’s it’s opening to the outside world. My guide tells me that prices are increasing, and businessmen from outside are entering the country with hopes of establishing trade connections and work relationships. As with other countries that opened their doors, Myanmar will change, and their challenge will be to keep to their traditions and to maintain the beauty and spirit of place while they grow.

With this happening, NOW is the time to go to experience this place full of spirituality, traditions, and amazing architecture.

My guide is Win Kyaw Zan, a professional photographer who has guided for many well-known photographers, including Art Wolfe and Nevada Wier.  He has the knowledge of what photography groups want, and this is essential for making the tour productive both in photographs and experiences that we’ll have. He’s a delightful person (by accounts I’ve heard from colleagues and friends who have traveled with him). We will be in the most capable hands, allowing me to focus on helping you make the very best photographs of any situation we find ourselves in. As we move about the country, Win will take care of tour logistics and details while we make photographs.

I hope you will consider joining me for this amazing journey.


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