Viva Cuba!


Photo © Jeremy Woodhouse, Pixelchrome, Inc.


NEW PHOTO TOUR for 2013!!

Can you feel the rhythm? Can you pre visualize the street scenes, the faces and places of Cuba?


I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be joining Jeremy Woodhouse (Pixelchrome) on a photo tour to Cuba in January! We’re going through a US- approved agency, so we’ll be entering Cuba legally. It’s a terrific time to go and you’ll not want to miss out on this photo tour. Join us and capture the heart and soul of this wonderful place. We’ll experience and photograph the people, the countryside, a tobacco factory,  and more.  You’ll learn a lot along the way,and have a great time making photographs and experiencing the place.

Here’s an excerpt from Jeremy’s tour page at his website:

…Cuba’s culture is rich with contributions from its indigenous, African and European roots. But above all, the people of Cuba are the island’s greatest asset. They are friendly, welcoming, resourceful and full of life. This program will introduce you to the people and provide ample opportunities to interact with them in meaningful and rewarding ways, learning and teaching each other about life in Cuba vs the USA. Reserve your spot soon. With a rare opportunity like this, space will fill fast!…

Jeremy has all the details at his website – just click here to find out more and/or to sign up.

7/23/12 ADDENDUM – Our first tour filled in just minutes, but  we have scheduled another departure for April 12-21, 2013. All the above details still pertain to the April departure. For more information, use the link above…