Spring promises so many things to the earth – refreshing waters from pure snow-melt rushes down from the high-country and nourishes the plants and streambeds. Sometimes, it’s a little more water than the stream can handle in Yosemite, and trees get surrounded by the flood. But that just makes for different photo opportunities! I made this image in the Happy Isles area of Yosemite National Park. I had seen it a few days before our workshop began and made a mental note to get this picture when we took the group there. To my amazement, another photography workshop led by Keith Walklet, a colleague and friend, was in the same area and several members of his group were photographing MY tree! I had to wait my turn as there was really only one place that I like the composition from, so when they move on I jumped in to get it – and then as my group came along the path, I shared what I saw. I know there are several variations on this picture out in the world now – through my students and those of Keith’s, but I had to share it, too. The light bounces off a sheer rock face behind the tree and stream, and adds warm highlights, while the scene is actually in shade, therefore the coolness. The contrast of that and the flowing water surrounding the tree is what caught my attention the first day, and made me want to come back to capture it. I did vertical compositions, too, but in the end, it just made the tree too strong a line, so this was my final favorite.

Processed with Viveza 2 and Photoshop CS5. You can save 15% when you order any NIK products off my discounts page. Follow the instructions there.


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