I can’t recall where I shared the iphone Hipstamatic version of this lampshade, but it struck me as interesting enough that day that I also made a picture with my Panasonic Lumix. I love this little camera! It’s almost always with me when the big cameras aren’t, like my iphone. So why then if I was at home, was I using it? Because it’s just simpler, faster, and fits with the Miksang style of photography I’ve enjoyed in between my other style of photographic work. What struck me most was the light – in our new place, a bungalow, we have cross-lighting with windows on all sides vs. the townhouse we had before. This has allowed us different types of light throughout the day and we are enjoying that so much. This was the light in January; I will have to wait until next year for light like this on the lamp again as the sun has now shifted and doesn’t do the same thing in this window. So I’m really glad I made the picture when I did!

“It’s just a lampshade”, you might say – but then again, it’s art! Lines, patterns, shapes and forms – it’s all there in one monochromatic photograph. That’s what I saw – beyond the fact that it’s a lampshade.

The color-yet-almost-black-and-white image was converted using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro via Lightroom. If you like working with black and white conversions, this is excellent software to do this. Easy interface, highly selective control over the results. It’s indispensable in my workflow for black and white images. Save 15% by clicking on the product name here and entering the code BTHARP at checkout. This discount works for all their products.