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While I love all seasons, Spring and Fall are my favorites, as they represent change, and change can be exciting. Our move recently is just that, and we’ve been building raised beds and getting ready to plant veggies as soon as our risk of frost goes away. I finally have room for flowers – and the sunlight for them! While our move happened in mid-December, out of ‘season’, Spring happens earlier in California than most areas, so we are experiencing the bursting forth of daffodils, plum trees, hyacinths, tulips and more in the neighborhood. We have a bit of it happening in our yard from previous owners, but a walk around the ‘hood gives me the visual satisfaction and the chance to smell the sweet scents of the season. Next year, after I get done planting bulbs next fall, it will be great in our own yard!

This image is a montage of two files, one made in focus and one out of focus, then combined in the computer.