Looking Over

Had the opportinity to give a banquet keynote talk this weekend to this fun group. i was to arrive in time for Ellon Anon’s talk Friday night but airline cancelled flight and messed with that plan.

In fact i was barely going to get there in time for my own lecture on Nik Software on Saturday, butmthey pushed my time out for that, thankfully. But that meant I missed hearing my friend Ed Heaton give his lecture, which would have been fun. It’s always insightful listening to colleagues present their ideas and see their style.

My talk went very well and on Sunday AM I got to listen to John Paul Caponigro present his lecture “Illuminating Creativity”. I took away several valuable tips and ideas from that. John Paul shared his insights on his creative process which included writing and drawing. In all it was a good trip.


Afterwards I took a walk over to Niagara Falls. Hadn’t been there since I was a kid. As I stood there reminiscing, these young girls ran to the railing and peered over. Reflex told me to capture that moment. I tried it with other people doing the same thing but because of their dresses, this one felt more like the past which is what I was reliving at the moment. I can recall being just as curious!