Visited the Railroad Museum in Laws, CA on Saturday. Lots of memorabilia from the old movie-westerns, and lots of fun! Details galore. As I walked around the site, I imagined life during those times. Maybe romantically, because it was a rough and tumble lifestyle and only the hardiest survived. The idea of riding hours in a wagon over bumpy trails seems downright painful!

These wagon wheels were leaned up against a wooden shack. Things last quite a while in the desiccating dryness of the desert. The bleached, split wooden wheels were bound by iron, now rusted and yet still holding things together. Do things we make today last as long? Hmmm…

Processed this image using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro. The original was lacking strong color but the contrast of the scene was strong and I could previsualize it as a monochromatic image.  I liked the overlap of the wheel on the right but composed to keep the two from dividing the frame equally.


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