Bristlecone Pine and Star Trails, California


Jim M. Goldstein, a colleague, has just published a new e-book on the 4th dimension in photography – time. In this easy-to-read-book, he discusses long exposures, light painting, and compositing images of star trails, along with creating sequences and doing time lapse photography. Jim also writes about mixing motion with still imagery and using stroboscopic flash. It’s a comprehensive collection of information in a well-organized e-book, complete with tips and tricks and charts to help you make your own great images. Illustrated with Jim’s stunning photographs, book gives you valuable information on the essentials – from the right gear all the way through the right technique in-camera and in post-production, where needed.

I’ve done long exposures for a long time, and his information is spot-on.  I’ve also been doing night star photography for a while, but I learned a few things to improve my own results in with digital exposures.

Check out the book at It’s a great gift idea too for fellow photographer friends!