Frost Covered leaf and grasses, Yosemite

Yosemite in Autumn often has frosty mornings, but this time we had very little frost. One morning, however, we were along the river, where there’s usually a better chance for it, and I discovered this leaf nestled in the grasses. I like the texture of the scene, and the shape of the leaf in how it broke up the lines of the grasses. I left it a bit on the cool side in terms of color temperature when processing, because it was, well, a cool and frosty scene, and that blue suggests that along with the frost texture. It was a challenging year because the fall color really wasn’t doing its usual thing, but my motto is ‘there’s always something to photograph’ and we found lots of different things to photograph. Perhaps even moreso because we weren’t seduced by the colors of leaves so much! It might take a little effort at first when you go somewhere expecting something that doesn’t pan out, but if you stay open and go with my motto, you’ll find other things to photograph. I guarantee it.


The Yosemite instructional tour ended our season for 2011. In the words of Buzz Lightyear, “To 2012 and Beyond!” (OK, he said Infinity, but I’m close!). We have lots of great things planned for 2012 and into 2013 and we’re still adding a few to the 2012 schedule.