Great Horned Owl on Country Sign


We do! We were wandering down from Steptoe Butte in the Palouse on our last morning of the photo tour. One of the participants said she had three things on her ‘checklist’ and they were ‘an owl, crop dusting, and a harvester in action’. We were on our way back to the hotel, slowly, planning to visit one last barn, and suddenly, Jed and I spotted this Great Horned Owl sitting on this sign. We figured there wasn’t a chance in h— that it would stay there once we even looked through our lenses; they have an uncanny way of knowing when you’re about to make a picture and they fly off – but we thought we’d try. It wasn’t leaving, so we slowly got out of the car and Jed walked back to the other cars and suggested they slowly get out. It still didn’t fly away! We photographed there for a little bit and then slowly walked to another position, getting ever closer. It was really wonderful.  Yet even though I did get closer, this picture tells a story of being in the golden fields on country roads. (should read very dusty roads) When it finally decided to fly – I managed one picture that worked out of the series. (see below) Owls are challenging from the side because they don’t have a strong profile, but I’m still happy with this picture for the moment it captured! Oh, and our participant? She got the owl too, and just a short piece down the road, we encountered crop dusting right in the field on the side of the road. Some mornings are just like that – many unexpected gifts.


Great Horned Owl Flying, Washington