Sunset light on Palouse Hills, WA

Last light on the Palouse Hills, Washington


When the day was nearing the end, we dragged our dusty bodies up onto Steptoe Butte, the best place for overall ‘aerial’ type perspectives in the Palouse region. The sun, low on the horizon, skimmed the tops of the undulating hills, with rich golden light, the shadows long and deep. You might thing all you have to do is point and shoot to get a good picture, but it’s best to pick out sections with a long lens. I found this scene by scanning the whole area through the lens, in fact.

We’re about to begin our program and with each day, the hills are getting more ready for harvesting! It’s been a cold wet year for the northwest, and this area was affected by having a slightly later harvest than usual. So no combines madly marching across the hills just yet, just a few here and there. But there is so much to do besides that, we’ll run out of time before we run out of photo opportunities!