Woman holding crabs wrapped in leaves


I love markets – everywhere in the world! They tell you so much about the culture, the food, and they are great places to photograph with all the colors, shapes, patterns and the moments and gestures of people interacting with each other. This scene is from San Pablo la Laguna,  a small but busy village on Lake Atitlan. We photographed this woman’s hands with crabs wrapped in banana leaves to keep them from pinching – they were live crabs. One thing led to another and soon we had her holding them over the bright red tomatoes for contrast. It worked better than holding them above the green basket with crabs. It’s one of the things I love about  leading these instructional tours; no matter who’s involved, we all work together in various situations to come up with strong compositions and ideas to make the best pictures possible!


We’re tentatively scheduling a Dream Team Tour for Highlands of Guatemala late October/early November for Day of the Dead ceremonies. Check my schedule of tours and workshops for more information as it becomes available.