Woman prays and performs ritual


Our group took a half day trip to Chichicastango on the Guatemala tour, to their Friday market. We first headed to the church because the flower vendors set up on the steps, and were looking for colorful flowers and colorful clothing. While there, I noticed smoke floating up from the top of the steps and went up to investigate. This indigenous woman was performing a ritual for healing, using the Indian traditions. Her incense burner was an large tin can, perforated with holes. She was a woman of simple means, but she was reverent in her prayers to her god(s). Guatemala, like Chiapas, Mexico, has a strong indigenous culture that still practices both the catholic and the pagan rituals for many things. It’s fascnitating to witness, and in this case, we were able to photograph her without complaint. (We did give her money after we were all finished). It wasn’t long before others saw something happening up there and soon we were squeezed into a jostling pile of photographers eager to create a special image of the moment. I made over 300 pictures of her while she went about her prayers. It will take some time to decide on my absolute favorites, but this one is in the running!

I arrived home Tuesday night with about 5000 images. I won’t have much time to review as I leave June 24th for Alaska, and have to continue our book project, but I’ve pulled a few out to post on the blog over the next week. By time I get home in the Fall, I’ll have four trips to edit – I know what I’ll be doing in December!!


Dream Team Instruction Tour with Brenda Tharp, Nevada Wier and Holly Wilmeth: Photograph Indigenous Culture in San Cristobal de las Casa, Chiapas, Mexico – January 14-21.