Portait of older Guatemalan man


We were planning free time at the hotel and the beautiful grounds/pool. About half the group was ready to take that free time; but some still wanted to go out in the afternoon. Since it was hazy, landscapes in afternoon light were out. So we headed to a village to explore. Within the first five minutes of stepping out of the van, we encountered this wonderful indigenous man. I asked if we could make pictures, and he was willing to let us all do it. He was very patient, and had smiling eyes. I remember wondering what he must have thought of us, all eager to create pictures of tradition, all excited by the color contrast of him against this great wall. The wall even had pink trim! After we photographed him, he took us to his family around the corner, and we spent another 30 minutes setting up a family portrait – what a great experience it was!

Man and Green/Pink Wall Guatemala


Guatemalan Family