Man walks past Mosque in Morocco
Sometimes you need a person in the image for scale, as well as human interest. To me, the vastness of this place and the size of the doors/fountains couldn’t be shown without a human figure for reference. When this gentlemen walked into my scene, I was a happy camper! I waited until he got into the area with the darker background so he’d stand out more. The weak morning sun gilded the fountain tiles and the stone.
Processed in Lightroom and then I applied Color Efex Pro’s Tonal Contrast filter. This place is over-the-top with the carved details, mosaics and architectural design. Like so many cultures, one has to wonder why all the money was spent on a ‘church’ when the people need that money so much. While it doesn’t make much ‘sense’ to me, I can still marvel at the beauty of its intricate design.