Albert Einstein once said “Never Lose a Holy Curiosity”.

I love that phrase! I’m curious about all sorts of things – how things work, how they feel, and how they look through my viewfinder, too! I use my camera as a window on the world, framing up little views here and there, curious about where I am, what I’m seeing.

For this blog post, while in southeast Alaska, I got in close to check out the view ‘inside’ an iceberg, because I loved how the air bubbled up inside and froze in place, how the fresh water had created a bumpy surface, and how the blue just radiated with the light that shone through the ice. The blue is because the ice is very densely compressed when it’s part of a glacier. Amazing. As I looked down into the circular tunnel, I felt drawn in to another world.

I’m off tomorrow to photograph in the Sierra Foothills – it’s Spring and I have to shake off the chains of my office chair and make some new pictures!



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