Indigenous Mexican Woman with lilies

Wow, it was a busy week in Mexico!! The second group arrived and we were ‘off and running’ as we explored the city again with a new group. We had arranged a session to photograph indigenous men and women at an old colonial home, the home of Frans and Trudy Blom, pioneers in the research of Chiapas state, responsible for untiring work with protecting and preserving the Lancandon Indians, as well. This time I had a chance to photograph. There were lots of old walls, doorways, and a garden to ‘place’ our subjects. The women in purple was the same women we had used last week, and she was much more relaxed this time around. But after we ‘exhausted’ all the face-on possibilities, I suggested the group look at their wonderful profiles, too. The mustard-yellow wall was great with the bounce light it was receiving from the courtyard.

Indigenous woman with flowers, Mexico

I have just returned home, with a head-cold unfortunately, but hope to post a lot more images in the coming days from our great photo tours! To all that joined us, thank you so much for giving us a chance to share a piece of Mexico with you!