Cover of Michael's New E-book Photo © Michael Frye.

In a departure from posting my own image here with thoughts/information, I wanted to direct you to a new e-book that is due on the 15th of December at Craft and Vision, publishing site of many e-books. Michael Frye is an excellent nature/landscape photographer, and teacher, and this e-book is a great addition to his growing collection of books he’s published on landscape photography. This book covers topics of white balance, workflow, tools and settings in Lightroom (which would ve easily adaptable to anyone using Aperture) and takes you through 5 individual images from RAW capture to final image with Michael’s method of workflow.

On Sale December 15th at just $4 for a few days, then the price goes to $5. This could be a great e-christmas gift for friends and family interested in landscape photography and getting the most out of your image as simply as possible.  🙂

Michael has also produced some other outstanding books which you can see on his blog site. Having lived in or very near Yosemite, he has spent in-depth time in the Sierra Range around that area and his images express the serene beauty that can be experienced with time in that environment.