Car speeding through Death Valley (Brenda Tharp)

I have my photography archives over at Photoshelter, and am working hard to build them out completely over the next two months. They have this cool plug-in that allows me to draw from my archives and embed in my posts, so I’m testing it out here. It works! This will be a great way to bring up pictures from my library mixed in with new work.

The image above is from a trip to Death Valley that I made several years ago. I screeched to a halt for the cracked mud – and while I was out there photographing it, cars were whizzing by – as if in a hurry to get somewhere. I remember thinking how ironic it was that they already were somewhere! To express that I put on my wide angle lens and waited for the right car – color mostly – to come by. I was lucky with the convertible, too! While this could be an add for radiator fluid – lol – it’s my statement of how we can miss special things if we just zoom by all the time.


I’ll be conducting an instructional tour to Death Valley, February 6-11, 2011, with my partner Jed Manwaring. We plan to ‘slow it down’ and contemplate the unique landscape and nature of the park for our photographs!  For more info, go to my Workshops & Tours link in the navigational tabs.