Whew – what an intense yet fulfilling past five days I’ve had! I arrived in Bishop on Oct 13th, preparing to teach my Fall colors workshop for Galen Rowell’s Mountain Light Gallery. An early snow had taken some of the leaves down, but there were still so many groves in that yellow-green phase and bright yellow phase that there was more than enough to capture! One morning we went up to North Lake seeking a lovely still reflection in the lake, but it was not to be had that morning. A guy using a 6×17 panoramic camera was giving up, frustrated. We switched to plan B, walking into a grove a blazing yellow aspens and along the shore of the lake, each of us seeking our own photographs that said ‘Autumn’. I went to the shore of the lake, and found this wonderful pattern of gold and blue, created by yellow aspens reflecting in the surface, with blue sky reflecting, too. The wind created loads of ripples on the surface of the water, making a great pattern. But it wasn’t enough to capture just that. I decided to toss a yellow aspen leaf into the mix and capture it as it floated around in differnt positions. It took a lot of images to get a few ‘just right’. This is one of them. I love how the leaf ended up on the blue water mostly – I tried so hard to time it right to have that happen but in the end I think I just got lucky with it. It’s the kind of image that I love to create and it was definitely a successful plan B for everyone – the woods were so pretty in that golden light through the leaves. Many made great images from being willing to look beyond the anticipated photograph!

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