I’ve not been on the blog schedule lately because I’ve been working on a new cool combination website/blog and setting up my workshops program so it will be easy to register and pay online – more than it is currently. I was also preparing to head on this road trip with Jed. We left town yesterday for Oregon Coast but only made it to northern California by the time we got out of town. This was a picture of giant redwoods I made when we stopped to let the dog run around near Leggett, CA. I liked how the two giants in the foreground framed the ones behind them. I’ve done ‘straight’ images of these beautiful trees in fog, in spring, and so this time I had decided to add some motion to the picture yet still retain texture of their unique bark.
We’re taking it slow and easy on this trip, making pictures where we see them, and doing fun stuff like buying blackberry popsicles! Even our dog Mocha likes them – but only because we knew she already liked to eat blackberries. Bought some organic tomatoes and basil to prepare a yummy dinner tonight, but the cold blowing fog sent us into a restaurant instead! We’re in Coos Bay and hoping the weather will be good for us to photograph the beach and sea stacks in this general area, including Bandon. It was really foggy through Gold Beach area so we pushed onward.  Tomorrow, we get busy planning out where we want to be for tomorrow’s sunset light!

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