Not much time yesterday to photograph as I drove up from Cortez but my-oh-my, the colors were getting spectacular. I had to stop twice though. It was mid-afternoon and not typically when you might head out for landscape photography, but it all depends on the slope of the land. These trees were getting backlight, high left backlight, and they popped out from the dark firs around them. So in truth it was a good time to shoot – any later and the sun would have passed over the ridge and they’d be in flat, even light – which would produce other pictures but not this one. It just shows the beauty of the hillsides here in Fall, nothing more. If I had more time, I’d have worked this hillside for more close-in details. Perhaps tomorrow.  I exposed a three-shot HDR series and used NIK’s HDR Efex Pro to process them. The darks of the fir trees can lose detail or the lights of the aspens can with a range like this. I chose a natural look, appropriate for this subject, of course!

Busy with the festival in Telluride today in classes, but heading out with Charlie Borland to photograph this afternoon.

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